"THANK YOU IS NOT ENOUGH", Janet Enders 2013

We see your uniform today.
We want to speak, but walk away.
We cannot find the words to say
because Thank You is not enough.

With humbleness we shake your hand.
You must think, "They can't understand
conditions not fit any man."
Forgive us, we can't know.
We just wish it were not so.

The Call you answered to do your part, and served with a hero's heart,
 not knowing where you'd have to go.
And we try to say thanks and yet, the phrase is inadequate 
to say what we want you to know.

You've lost friends and seen injuries by the score;
lived the endless, hopelessness of war.
"Let me heal," you ask, 
and for nothing more.
We know you've had it rough.
That's why Thank You is not enough.

We know that freedom isn't free.
The cost is paid by you for me.
For this carefree life you've handed me, 
how will I repay in turn?
I'll not squander what you've earned!

Our hope is to see you through; for us war ends, but not for you.
There are nightmares that you don't deserve.
And how it must hurt for you to see the hardship on your family,
yet still you say "I'm proud to serve!"

We think of you with gratitude.
We'll spend our days IN AWE of you.
May peace find every one of you.
And though Thank You is all we'll say to you,
we know Thank You is not enough.